Design affects human. It changes the view of life and the self-image. According to the opinion specialists, a good design with the lifestyle

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Architectural Planning

Akruthi offers a full range of design services and tailored consulting services throughout the project

  • Building Designing and Sketching
  • Space Management
  • Vastu check
  • Furniture Layout
  • Planning and Turnaround time
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Material Sourcing

Akruthi strives for quality and just to keep that intact we have inhouse sourcing partners.

  • Raw Materials
  • Affordability
  • Time Management
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Interior design

Akruthi follows old school tradition with modern urbanisation to give a great interior and pleasant feel.

  • Colour combination
  • Form building
  • Virtual Consultation
  • Space Management and Ventilation
  • Planning and Turnaround time
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Project Design

Akruthi works closely with client in integrating the project design to explain the whole process

  • Structuring and designing
  • Strategy Planning
  • Contingency Plan
  • Task setting
  • Goals and outcome setting
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Custom Design

Akruthi strongly believes that every home has to be a game play

  • Customising options
  • Creative Concepts
  • Elements set-up
  • Risk Analysis
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Photorealistic Conceptual Design

Akruthi features most of concept on Turnkey projects to give a panoramic view of the sight

  • 3-D modelling
  • Model Selection
  • Easy Customisation
  • Conceptual Drawing
  • Interior and Exterior design outcomes
our Services

Constructional Projects

Akruthi focuses more on bringing in morden Urbanisation with old school traditional culture to change the infrastructure.

  • Turnkey Projects
  • Diversified Options
  • Risk Analysis
  • Space Optimization
  • Quality check
  • Customised Planning